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Harun Yahya Claim Himself as Al Mahdi?

Harun Yahya related information to victims of the Zionists as stated Sheikh Imran, his pity you do not give a link related to it. Of course it is difficult to be clarified further.However, that imran Hossein Sheikh Harun Yahya has been criticized, the fact is true. It is associated with the writings and sayings on Harun Yahya's websites that claim to be impressed led Al Mahdi. In addition, Sheikh Imran Hossein, Bilal Philips criticized and accused Harun Yahya Harun Yahya has a hidden agenda. For more details, please open a Youtube link:. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlqA5eQcvX4) own writings were deliberately placed on the site, which is subordinated harunyahya.com awaitedmahdi.com or canal from the site. So this is genuine or not making it up. You can check yourself in site.Indeed, when interviewed by Al Jazeera, Harun Yahya rejected. He said just write a book about Imam Mahdi which refers to the Hadith of the Prophet. Of some of these traditions to see some the impression that ultimately describes himself in the likeness of Al Mahdi. But strangely, when I cross check further the tradition taken by Harun Yahya is not a bit of tradition, even some religious leaders and scholars said, although he put in a big headline saying the hadith. Is this intentional? Or is it an oversight that figure has been much written about the end times? Wallahua'lam registered name HadithOne controversial items on the site Harun Yahya is an understatement to say that 1956 was an important year in the last days .. "The significance of the year 1956 in terms of the end times." In 1956 the world will sign only order.We all know that the year 1956 was the year that Harun Yahya was born. Although the statement of our site is said to tradition, strangely no one has written a history. The site is just quoting the words of Said Nursi and additional tamper Emirdag numerology with Quranic verses and say that the year 1956 as the collapse of the system of hypocrisy in the whole world. Is it really like? Even until 2011, let alone the whole world, Turkey, in my view did not escape from the site hypocrisy.Harun Yahya also said that Al Mahdi was actually born in big cities will be Istanbul. This site is written, "Imam Mahdi (as) will apear from Turkey and will never go away until the end of the struggle" "Imam Mahdi (as) will capture the spirit of Istanbul '. We know Harun Yahya in Turkey's own large. The question is whether it is true that there is a tradition that says Al Mahdi appeared in Turkey? As Muslims we can only respond if it refers to a Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad who said: "There will be disputes after the death of a leader, a man came from the people of Medina to Mecca to seek refuge, then this person comes to some of the inhabitants of Mecca, and then they membai'at Imam Mahdi by force, he had been inducted in Pilar Maqam Ibrahim (in front of the Ka'bah). Then an army of people of Sham diutuslah population, then they are buried in the area called Al-Baida is situated between Mecca and Medina "(Abu Dawud 3737) Surprisingly awaitedmahdi.com., also said that Al Mahdi when it appears not speak Arabic. "Imam Mahdi (as) will not speak Arabic very well, but he will have a close resemblance to our moral prphet (peace be upon him)." And Al Mahdi clearly appeared in Madinah and he was a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad. Al Mahdi will be a Muslim kholifah at the end of the day. Logically, how could a Kholifah speak Arabic? Is this still terklait unskilled Harun Yahya in Arabic? Allahua'lam Al Mahdi. Can not Speak Arabic Harun Yahya claim to be the Mahdi? In an interview with Al Jazeera (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SqAOFGFDOgg), Harun Yahya also doubt the accuracy of which is actually the name of Al-Mahdi Ahmad or Muhammad. He further stressed that the original name or Adnan al-Mahdi. We all know Harun Yahya is the pen name for this. While it is original or the name of Adnan Oktar. This is what Sheikh Imran criticized, he said that Islam is not a pen name or pseudonym menegnal. To avoid any scholar of Islam in accordance with what he's saying what wrote.So let us refer to the Hadith of the Prophet about this case the name of Al Mahdi. Prophet Muhammad, the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said: "His name is in accordance with my name, and his father's name matches the name father.He I was a descendant of the Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam, in which is mentioned in history:" From the experts baitku. "( HR. Abu Dawood, 4282 and 4283.) In another narration:. "From my close family ('itrah me)." (Narrated by Abu Dawood, 4284.). In another narration: ". From me "(Abu Dawud no 4285.) From the path of marriage 'Ali bin Abu Talib and Fatima bintu Rasulillah As in the hadith and said:." Someone from my family "and" from the children. Fatima. "(Abu Dawud no 4284) Therefore, rahimahullahu Ibn Kathir said:" He is Muhammad Al-Alawi bin Abdillah (descendants of Ali) al-Fathimi (descendants of Fatima) Al-Hasani (descendants of Al-Hasan). Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala to fix it in one night that gave him repentance, Taufik, give insight and guidance but does not. "(An-fil Nihayah Fitan Malahim wal, 1/17, Maktabah Syamilah Program) rates Previously Harun Yahya, with all its benefits is also not free from criticism of Harun Yahya, though not out of Islam considers Shiites .. This is confirmed by him, when conduct an interview with Al Jazeera's correspondent in Istanbul 08.06.2007. He said, "I love all the Muslims in Turkey and around the world, and I make a distinction on the basis of a school or sect. I respect them all.There no difference between Sunni and Shia. The same is applicable to Ihvan-i Muslim. They are also my brothers. I regard them as genuine. We all pray in the same direction. We share the same book. These elements all make us one. "Therefore, in describing the characteristics of Al Mahdi, he is much history quoting from Imam Ja'far Sadiq Nowadays, many Shiite distorted by One explanation is that Muslims will be able to listen to the words of Al Mahdi with the translation .." Jaffar Sadik said that people around the world will be able to listen to (as) Hazrat Mahdi said at once through simultaneous translation "And clearly, unlike the Shia faith of Islam. We can not mention them as a sect of Islam, and it is. Only one case. God definitely keep the faith and words are aligned with Al Mahdi Al-Mahdi Islamic beliefs that do not insult people who still regard the Prophet's companions and regard the Quran as part of the false prophet of Islam .. shollallahu 'alaih wa sallam said: "I preach the good news about Al-Mahdi sent by God into the middle of my ummah when many disputes among people and earthquakes. He will fill the earth with justice and fairness, as it was previously filled with tyranny and injustice. "(Ahmad 10 898) So. Even if Harun Yahya refused himself as Al Mahdi, an explanation of why err on the Al Mahdi is still perched on his site and has not dropped even though some scholars such as Bilal Philips and Sheikh Imran Hossein has been criticized a lot times.There many of the wrong data is actually used as an indication or explanation of the figure of Al Mahdi on the site. As a statement that said Al Mahdi comes from the Caucasus. "Imam Mahdi (as) will come from the Caucasus". We all know that Adnan Oktar, aka Harun Yahya adalahseorang habib or sayyid descent who migrated to the Caucasus during the invasion of Hulagu Origin Beslen Kasayev Arslan, Omer Bey's grandfather, the grandfather of Adnan Oktar, go back to. Dynasty is also known as Nogay.Keluarga Arslanogullari (children Arslan) and is one of twenty-one sayyid families whose names appear in documents prepared for the governor of the Caucasus in 1827.Hopefully Harun Yahya is totally aware of this error. That calumny end of time is really amazing Allahua'lam .. Every man has freedom, but the guidance / Hidayah comes of God. (Muhammad Pizaro Novel Tawheed)

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